The Best Keylogger v3.54 Build 1001 + Crack

thebesstkeyloggerThe Best KeyLogger is an invisible keylogger surveillance software, keystroke recorder ans spy software tool that registers every activity on your PC to logs.

The Best KeyLogger was designed to enable you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs to a desired e-mail. With this tool you will have TOTAL control of what is happening on your computer.

Every keystroke, every website visited, every process started, every msn chat room entered and much much more that you will control from now on. The keylogger automatically activate it self when windows starts and is completely invisible. The keylogger is not listed in System Tray, MSConfig (Startup entry), Uninstall list (Add/Remove programs) And start menu. The keylogger also Hides its files.

Screenshot :


Here are some key features of “The Best KeyLogger”:

Computer activity:
· By activating The Best Keylogger, you can monitor everything. Just install it, and when you are away, it will do the entire job for you. It can even send you the logs by email at every interval you choose, so you can know which activities are taking place, on your computer.

Parental control:
· Do you wanna know what your children are doing on their computer ? Who they are talking to in the middle of the night? Do they surf to adult sites? Who is this “friend” they chat with? Now you can find out!!

Business administration:
· Do you own a company? Do you know what you are paying your employes do to? Are they doing their job? Or are you paying them lots and lots of money to surf on the internet? Put and end to it right now!!

School administration:
· What are the students REALLY doing on their computer ? Are they doing their homework? Their lab? Or are they entering illegal and inappropriate sites ? Stop it now

· Full Version
· Nag screen

What’s New in This Release:
· Added: Maximum log-file size.
· Added: Monitor scheduler.
· Added: Screenshots of visited websites.
· Added: Choose your own unlocking key.
· Added: Automatic FTP upload every chosen hour.
· Added: FTP now uploads screenshots.
· Changed: Start page now have only logging options.

How To Use :

· Download this application, then install it.
· After installed, copy crack to the folder “C:\ProgramData\SysApp”, paste it.
· Open application go to setting » general setting » license setting » enter new license (enter any number or license)
· Then the application becomes full edition

Download Files :

|Files : The Best Keylogger v3.54 build 1000 + Crack
|Status : Tested (Windows 7 x32)
|Virus : Clean (Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013)


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